How to calculate the allowable flow rate of a geocomposite

July 9th, 2021

By Su Jong Hao, Technical Sales Manager, Solmax Asia-Pacific The Geosynthetic Research Institute’s GRI-GC8 design guide provides a methodology to calculate the allowable flow rate of a geocomposite. But there are additional factors that need to be considered.  The GRI-GC8 methodology to calculate the allowable flow rate of the material of choice can be used to determine the factor of safety (FS) in […]

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Biodegradable nonwoven geotextiles from NAUE

July 1st, 2021

In civil engineering, geotechnical materials stand for sustainable construction. In addition to classic geosynthetics, NAUE, manufacturer of geotechnical construction materials, presented its first biodegradable nonwoven geotextile, Secutex Green, in 2020. This biodegradable nonwoven geotextile has already proven itself successfully in various applications. For example, in the dunes of the island of Sylt, Germany, and under a construction road […]

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