Justrite unveils geotextile fabric smart polymer spill pad

April 24th, 2023

Justrite, a global leader in industrial safety products, announces the launch of its new PetroPad™ Smart Polymer Spill Pad. Unlike traditional absorbent pads that only absorb or contain hazardous hydrocarbons, the PetroPad is the first incidental spill solution to absorb, solidify, and permanently contain hydrocarbons without risk of leakage or overflow. Easier to use and more […]

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Dewatering bags – How do they work?

January 16th, 2023

Made of a durable, porous geotextile fabric, dewatering bags are a type of filtration bag that allows water to pass through while trapping debris, sediment, and other particles. Primarily used for Best Management Practice (BMP) purposes to prevent the runoff and flow of contaminants and sediment into local bodies of water, dewatering bags are also […]

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